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Myth of Omega – Dark Fantasy Romance

Alpha warrior, Drocco, enlists the services of historian, Cailyn, to discover how and why Omegas have been going missing over the past century, yet the more he spends time with her, the more she stirs him in a way no other has. Cailyn knows her life would be over if Drocco ever discovered she was actually an Omega, and when she underestimates him, she is caught between her own instincts and the need to preserve her freedom.

Empire of Angels – Paranormal Angel Romance

When warrior angel, Cam, is assigned to train and protect a half-angel just coming into her abilities,  his rage is unparalleled. Until he realizes Thea isn’t like any others. She stirs a carnal passion in him that he can’t shake. He never counted on her being so beautiful… so fierce… so most definitely his.

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