Guarded By Dominion Release News

Thanks for checking out Guarded By Dominion, the first book of Zak and Amber’s story.


Unfortunately, I’ve decided to take a break from this series. Zak’s story is still to be told, and initially, I was planning for this to release 2017 but, although I have a great story planned for his first book, the next two books are a little fuzzy. So I need to take some time to work that out and ensure the story is up to the standard of all the other books in the series. Therefore, at the moment,

Guarded By Dominion will now be aiming for a 2018 release. 


Guarding what you own is easy. Guarding what you want… is another matter. 

Celebrated Dominion angel Zak lives a simple life in the Angel Realm. Stern and fiercely private, not even his closest friends can get answers about his mysterious past. When he promises to heal Amber, a human woman, from a demon attack, Zak finds himself captivated by her gentle strength, stunning beauty, and sweet nature. In order to protect her from unseen dangers, he is forced to open up to her, but resolves not to let her get too close… even though he desperately wants her for himself.

Successful bakery owner, Amber Clark, has put the demons of her past behind her and enjoys the life she created for herself and her daughter. However, when she wakes up confused, missing memories, and suffering from a strange illness, she begins to feel she’s losing her grip on everything she strived so hard to achieve. As she struggles to figure out what happened to her, her mysterious physician seems to be purposefully getting in the way. Although he is gorgeous and protective and intense, and she cannot let the way he makes her feel distract her from the truth.

Guarded By Dominion is the first book in Zak and Amber’s story and the fourth book in the Empire of Angels series; a paranormal alpha angel romance series. If you’re a fan of alpha heroes, powerful heroines, gritty paranormal worlds and destined mates, Zoey Ellis’ riveting, sexy tale is perfect for you. Also consider reading Cam and Thea’s story about a warrior angel finding his mate, starting with Claimed By Power.

About the end: Although this book can be read as a standalone, Zak and Amber’s story does continue over the next two books.

Sexual scenes and strong language included. Not suitable for readers under 18.