February 28, 2018

Progress Update – Crave To Capture

Gah! It's finished! *big sigh of relief* I honestly thought this book was going to be the death of me at some points! I started writing this one in November for NaNoWriMo but then had to stop to get Conquer ready for release, and there were the hols and other distractions. This gap meant that new ideas developed that I had to factor in when I went back to it, so the last three weeks have been a mad rush of…
January 20, 2018

Crave To Conquer is LIVE

Yessss! The first book in my dark fantasy romance series, Crave To Conquer, is LIVE! Well, it was live from the 15th but I didn't get my ass in gear to get this post sorted in time! *roll eyes at self* Crave To Conquer is the first book in a brand new, dark fantasy romance series that follows the story of Alpha Emperor Drocco and Omega spy Cailyn. It's for those that love possessive, dominant anti-heroes and sassy smart-mouth heroines.…
December 8, 2017

Cover Reveal Giveaway: Crave To Conquer

To celebrate the cover reveal of the first book in the Myth of Omega series, CRAVE TO CONQUER, I'm running a giveaway! ENTER BELOW   He conquered an Empire - and she's next. The Alpha Emperor He is known as a ruthless barbarian by many. They are not wrong. His savagery has made him Emperor and now it will secure him his mate. Omegas have gone missing over the past century, but that will not stop Emperor Drocco from finding…
August 7, 2017

Awakened By Power is LIVE!

Awakened By Power is now live! After a long two months pre-order, the next book in the Empire of Angels series releases today, YAY! It's the final book of Cam and Thea's story, and I know I'm gonna miss writing them. For my round up of this mini series, read The End of the Power Mini-Series. Today I'm including a sneak peek in this post for anyone STILL not convinced to continue or try the story!     This series…
August 1, 2017

The End of the Power Mini-series

And so it has come to an end. The final book in Cam and Thea's story has been written and is about to be released. As the first couple, I've ever written, I do feel a special affinity for these two. So I'm gonna chronicle my favorite things about them - stick around and indulge me 🙂 Cam and Thea's three books Claimed By Power, Ruined By Power and Awakened By Power (what I call the Power mini-series) totals 177,000…
June 10, 2017

Cover Reveal: Awakened By Power

Introducing the cover for the third book of Cam and Thea's story, Awakened By Power!   Are you drooling, yet? I am! I think this one might be my favorite cover of the three! Again this was designed by the talented Melody Simmons – she outdid herself with this one, right? Thank you for your brilliant work on this series, Melody! This book continues the story about the relationship between alpha warrior angel, Cam, and his mate Thea. The previous book ended on a…
June 7, 2017

Ruined By Power is LIVE!

Ruined By Power is now live! Having been on pre-order two months, the next book in the Empire of Angels series releases today, YAY! So, today I'm including a sneak peek in this post for anyone not yet convinced to continue or try the story!   This series started as an experimental angel version of werewolf shifter type stories but then transformed, quite quickly, into something of its own. This second book delves deeper into the world of angels and…
May 19, 2017

Progress update – Ruined By Power

So, it's a few weeks before the release of my next book, Ruined By Power, (two and a half weeks to be exact) and I thought I'd share an update about the how the book is going. It's finished (so that's a big plus!), and it's currently with my editor. It's longer than the previous book weighing in at around 70K words, so it's full-length. A lot more happens in this book than the previous one because there were still some unanswered…
April 8, 2017

Cover Reveal: Ruined By Power

With all the excitement for Claimed By Power, I didn’t really get to introduce the cover for the next book, Ruined By Power. Again this was designed by the brilliant Melody Simmons – she’s just so talented, right? This book continues the story about the relationship between alpha warrior angel, Cam, and his mate  Thea. They go to settle down in the Angel Realm only to discover that the Dominion League has plans they weren't aware of. On top of this…
April 5, 2017

Claimed By Power Q & A and release giveaway

It's release week for Claimed By Power, my debut paranormal romance book about warrior angel Cam and his mate Thea. So I thought today I’d share a Q & A about me and the book. Enjoy! Don’t forget there is a release week giveaway running until Friday! You can enter further down. Author Q & A with Zoey Ellis   What motivated you to become an indie author? I’ve always written stories, mainly to entertain myself, and would usually include…