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Myth of Omega: Crave Book Trailer Reveal

By September 26, 2018August 8th, 2019Media, News

The Crave Trilogy has a trailer! 😀


Now that their story is complete, I reckon I can have a bit of fun with Drocco and Cailyn! This video trailer depicts the major elements of the beginning of their story, I hope. They’re the first couple in the Myth of Omega series and I loved, loved, loved writing them so I had a lot of fun with this!

If you haven’t experienced their story yet, start with book 1, Crave To Conquer


Crave To Conquer

Crave To Conquer

Series: Myth of Omega, Book 1
Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance
Tags: Crave, Omegaverse

He conquered an Empire - and she's next.

The most savage Alpha in the land is relentlessly searching for his Omega

And she's hiding right under his nose.

Knowing her life would be over if Emperor Drocco ever discovered she was an Omega, Cailyn is trapped in a desperate struggle.

She came for his secrets, prepared for his arrogance and wild nature, but not for the effect he would have on her.

Now she must fight to escape not only the ruthless Alpha, but also her own desires.

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  • Mandy says:

    Holy Hotness!!!! I LOVE this trailer — will watch again and again and again and…..you get what I mean. It is absolutely perfect for Drocco and Cailyn’s story aka the CRAVE trilogy. This series rates right at the top of my all time favorites. Well Done Zoey Ellis!

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