To celebrate this release of new dark fantasy romance REIGN TO RUIN, Nora Ash and Zoey Ellis are running an

Angels and Demons Giveaway!


Three lucky readers will each win a copy of Nora Ash’s Demon’s Mark series and Zoey Ellis’ Empire of Angels Series.

If you like your stories HOT, FIERY, PARANORMAL, with DARK and DIRTY action, these boxsets are for you!


This giveaway celebrates the release of new Dark Fantasy Romance, Reign To Ruin, so don’t forget to check it out!

It begins the first installment of the story of a new couple in an Epic Fantasy Omegaverse world. For fans of charming cruel, possessive Alpha heroes, sassy, smart-mouthed heroines, and dark-edged, twisty tales.

Reign To Ruin

Reign To Ruin

Series: Myth of Omega, Book 4
Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance
Tags: Omegaverse, Reign

He will ruin her - until she knows nothing but him

The Alpha King
Corruption and sadism plague every corner of his kingdom. He remains in the center of it all; a handsome, charming, master manipulator.

Furious at the knowledge that rare Omegas hide in his castle, King Malloron uses magic and deception to draw one out. Striking a deal with her that he knows he will not honor, they begin an exchange of wits that intrigues him much more than it should.

He forces her into the depravities of his dark world, determined to destroy her and use her for his own ends, only to find that he may not be the only one with the power to ruin.

The Omega Diplomat
Trained to deal with the devious and treacherous people of the kingdom, Amara never anticipated tackling the biggest deceiver of them all.

Desperate for his secrets, she has to be willing to be corrupted, dominated and shattered to get to the truth, but is soon horrified to learn that King Malloron’s reign goes deeper than just his kingdom; he rules her instincts too.

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The prize for this giveaway is 1 ebook copy of Nora Ash’s Demon’s Mark series and 1 ebook copy Zoey Ellis’ Empire of Angels series given to 3 winners. Winners will be selected at random. Giveaway closes on Sunday, July 22nd.