ARCs: How it works


1. Books to be reviewed will be posted to your email with the date it will become available for you to review and the release date. You can then decide whether or not you want to sign up to review that book. I usually give a week to read and prepare a review for release day but sometimes it can be less. If it’s less, you won’t be expected to review upon release.

2. Once you indicate you want to review that book, you will be sent a download link. There will be a cut-off date to download each ARC. After that, it will no longer be available as I will be preparing for release. So please let me know if you didn’t receive it when expected.

3. You don’t have to sign up to review every single book sent to you–sometimes things happen and it’s not possible to keep on top of reading–however, please review every book you sign up for. If you don’t or can’t review, please get in touch and let me know what’s happened.

4. If you remain inactive for too long you won’t be kept on the ARC Team as there is a waitlist of people hoping to get in. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from reviewing if things get hectic for the foreseeable future. Just let me know, and you will be moved to the waitlist.

3. I will be opening up review opportunities for previously published books periodically, and you’re welcome to review them at these times. If you are needing to read/review an earlier book in a series in preparation for the next release of that series, please let me know.

4. I will endeavor to make sure that you get a clean copy of the book, but occasionally it is possible the ARC copy will contain typos and errors as the final proof-reading may not have happened yet. Please feel free to let me know if anything sticks out at you. Things can sometimes slip through, and I’d love to catch as much as possible before release.

8. You will never be removed from the team for leaving a low star review. I’m not looking to create a 5 star ‘love me or die’ club! However, if you are frequently not enjoying my books, then you are likely not suitable for my ARC Team and your place may be offered to someone who would better enjoy my stories.

9. I will be sharing sneak peeks of my works in progress, deleted scenes, and bonuses as well as run giveaways for ARC Team members. I do these for fun and to encourage discussion and community among readers who read my worlds. They are not incentives for reviews and should not influence your reviews of my books.

10. Please avoid doing things that could risk your accounts, particularly on Amazon as they are known for shutting down accounts if they decide readers break their terms of service by: having a personal relationship with authors, systematically upvoting or downvoting reviews on behalf of authors, arguing with/harassing readers with opposing opinions or anything else that gives a false or misleading impression of a book/product or a negative experience of Amazon. (If your account is shut down unrelated to this conduct, please let me know. It’s sometimes possible to get it back or there may be another retailer you would like to focus your review efforts on.)

Any question or queries about this please get in touch!