What reviewers are saying:

– “An action-packed, angsty and steamy story that you won’t be able to put down.”

– “Such a fascinating book! I am so completely ensnared in the intense passion and drama between Drocco and Cailyn!”

– “This was an incredibly unique, dark, epic fantasy romance – and I loved it!”

– “This is one of the best series I have ever read in any genre.”

– “The book is hard to put down once you start it, so make sure you have some free time ahead of you.”

– “I was blown away by this series! Zoey Ellis crafted an amazing tale that has opened my eyes to a new genre of romance.”

– “I am absolutely heartbroken that this series has come to an end (guess i’ll just have to start re reading them again hehe)!”

He conquered an Empire – and she’s next.

The Alpha Emperor

He is known as a ruthless barbarian by many. They are not wrong. His savagery has made him Emperor and now it will secure him his mate.

Omegas have gone missing over the past century, but that will not stop Emperor Drocco from finding his. He enlists the help of renowned historian, Cailyn, a strong-willed Beta female. She is not at all a suitable mate for an Emperor… but the longer he spends in her company, the more she stirs something within him like no other ever has.

Soon, his urge to dominate the defiant female threatens his control, and he begins to wonder if perhaps she’s worth claiming as his own.

The Omega Spy

She was prepared for his arrogance and wild nature, but not for his perceptive intelligence or the effect he would have on her.

Knowing her life would be over if Emperor Drocco ever discovered she was an Omega, Cailyn plans to conclude her mission as a historian as soon as possible.

However, when she underestimates him, she is trapped in a dangerous struggle to protect her freedom, while every instinct she has tried to deny since she first saw the powerful Emperor, is unleashed.

Crave to Conquer is the first installment in the Myth of Omega serial, a dark, erotic, Omegaverse romance. Cliffhanger included but the trilogy for this couple is complete. For fans of dominant Alpha anti-heroes, sassy Omega heroines, epic fantasy worlds and captive romances. Discover a magical kind of dark…

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