Thanks so much for applying!

Whether you’re a seasoned reviewer or blogger or brand new to being an ARC member, I’m so honored that you chose to sign up for my team! Please read the below points carefully and if you’re happy with it, please sign your agreement below.

For how the ARC Team works, click here.

Things to note:

  • I write dark-edged, erotic romances set in fantasy worlds that are also sometimes disturbing. This means that, while my stories are romances, they have dark, erotic, and uncomfortable scenes. You would need to be comfortable reading stories that may contain triggers, such as torture and dubious-consent or other forms of abuse as well as swearing, violence, and distasteful and taboo subject matter.
  • The ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy, but it is still copyright material and should not be shared. Each ARC will be watermarked with the reader’s email address so if it is shared, it can be traced back to the infringer. Please don’t reproduce, pirate, share or plagiarise any author’s work.

Your Review

1. Please post your review on the sites you indicated on your application within 5 days of release, and if you can, on release day. If you also have a blog, that’s great too, and if you’re a Goodreads member, you’re welcome to post there also, but please do not post on Goodreads before release day.

2. Your review doesn’t have to be long, but it should be at least 20 words of your thoughts on the story so that it can be helpful to other readers. I would appreciate it if reviews contained no major spoilers (plot twists/cliffhangers).

3. Please leave the links for your review on the form emailed to you when you download the book.

4. You are completely welcome to buy a copy of the book you are reviewing–if you do, you will get a ‘verified purchase’ tag on Amazon, which will give your review more weight and make it less likely to be removed. THANK YOU to the team members who do this, I really appreciate it, but it is not a requirement for being on the team.

5. If you are reviewing on iTunes, I’ll provide you with a code so you can review without purchasing (unless you want to purchase).

6. Please end your review with: “I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced copy of this book.” (This is not required if you buy a copy.) And avoid the phrase: “I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.” Amazon could potentially remove your review for this terminology.

Final Step

If you’re happy with everything above, please respond below to join the team!