She trespassed

on his land.

Now she is his

to keep.



“He’s so alpha you can feel it pouring off him. She may be omega but she’s no wimp. Together they are WOW, just Wow!”


“Hot alpha, all-consuming world, strong heroine – super hot read. Be prepared for addiction!”


“Loved the steamy romance and h-o-t, to-die-for angel. A fantastic PNR read!”


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A dark, smutty, short story I wrote featuring a wild centaur

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December 3, 2020

1001 Dark Nights Short Story Anthology ~ Available now!

It's here! 😄 The short story anthology organized by 1001 Dark Nights is now available, and it's FREE on your favorite book retailer. The stories range from Contemporary to Paranormal Romance, all centered around the theme, “Who’s Your Prince?” ⠀ My entry is an origin story for my Beholden Duet, set in a fairy-tale Omegaverse world, detailing the meeting of King Allandis, and eccentric Omega Princess Elyana. ⠀ The stories are varied but all amazing. I’ve definitely found new favorites,…
August 16, 2020

1001 Dark Nights Short Story Challenge – I’m on the winners list!

I'm so grateful and honored to be one of the winners of the 1,001 Dark Nights Short Story Challenge! 😀 I can't believe it! 1,001 Dark Nights have introduced me to some of my favorite authors and stories, and I'm stunned to be one of the winners of their challenge alongside a variety of well known and new-to-me authors. The short story I wrote for this, called A Royal Harmony, is a fairytale-style omegaverse Fantasy Romance that is an origin…
July 18, 2020

The Beholden Duet is complete! [Excerpt]

My Omegaverse Romance duet, Beholden, is finally complete with the release of A Tainted Claim this week. This book concludes Ana and Maddoc's story but also sets up another couple in this world (you know I couldn't resist lol), so I'll most likely be returning to delve into and explore more of the characters and this world. I had a lot of fun writing this and I enjoyed the organic way this story came together. Thank you to everyone who…
April 29, 2020

Introducing the Beholden Duet [Excerpt]

A Savage Debt has had a bit of a quiet release week, but I couldn't let it go by completely without announcing it on my blog! So, I had a question about if I could write a fairytale-style story to release this year at some point. The idea was that it would be a fun, quick project, but as I started to think deeper about it, it turned into something much more distracting and weightier than I initially thought! There…
December 21, 2019

New Release! Candescent: A Myth of Omega Standalone [Excerpt]

Guess what? I have a new release! 😀 Since my new series has been pushed to 2020, I decided to return to the Myth of Omega world and tell some of the shorter stories waiting to be told. Truth be told, I missed this world so it was great returning to it. I particularly enjoyed writing again in the Lox Empire, as the last time I wrote about characters from that Land was in Crave To Claim, released in May…
Recommended Reads
September 16, 2019

Lizardmen, Silent spellcasters, and Brutal fighters – Fave Reads August, 19

I've finally got another rec post completed! (I'm losing my touch--I've been writing this post for about ten days lol) Now that I've completed my Myth of Omega series, I've been able to get back to doing some solid reading. I missed it so much! In my Dark Halo group, we have a regular weekly "What are you reading" post that's keeping my TBR pile busy, and I was asked when I was going to be going back to these rec posts.…