"A must read for dark romance readers! The story takes on a wild ride through a magical land with a lot of twists and turns."

Peggy, Amazon reviewer

"Breath-taking, riveting. Edge of my seat, action! ... It's like Game of Thrones goes Omegaverse."

Sara, Amazon reviewer

"The sexual chemistry here is off the chain. I think my mouth was open and I was drooling through parts. Just amazing...yum!"

JSawyer, Amazon reviewer

"...dark, gritty, lustful and full of obsession and possession!"

Sharon, Amazon reviewer

"If you want RAW, ANIMALISTIC AND SEX-SATURATED content, this trilogy is the one."

Nessa, Goodreads reviewer

Myth of Omega: CRAVE Trilogy

BOOKS 1 – 3

“She is mine,” Drocco growled. “Any impulses I have will be her burden to bear and she will take them like she is supposed to.”

He conquered an empire…

and she’s next.

The most savage Alpha in the land is relentlessly searching for his Omega.

And she’s hiding right under his nose.

Arrogant ruler, Drocco, enlists Cailyn to help him find a mate — but he yearns to dominate her.

Their irresistible attraction puts them both at risk… and everything they thought they knew is changed forever.

Myth of Omega: REIGN Trilogy

BOOKS 4 – 6

“Only your pussy can squeeze this cock like its hanging on for dear life.” he murmured. His eyes were like slits as he looked down at her. “It is fortunate for me you have awarded me free and abundant use of it.”

He caught her in his castle…

and now the games begin.

When King Malloron uncovers Amara, a rare, beautiful Omega, he entraps her for his own needs.

Her fiery eyes stir something primal he cannot ignore, and he forces a degrading deal with her so he can take his pleasure as he chooses.

With each encounter, she begins to unravel… and much to his disgust, so does he.

Myth of Omega: OWN Trilogy

BOOKS 7 – 9

From every angle, her body enticed him. This was a body meant to be dominated and owned. A body meant to take cock and experience pleasure that only an Alpha could give—and the craving that clawed within him told him, not just any Alpha, but him.

He owns her…

and now she must obey

When Shaya suddenly ends up in the possession of a fierce, tribal, Alpha warrior, she begins to understand that life can be savage…

And painful.

And heart-breakingly beautiful.

Each trilogy stands more or less alone but you'll be so grateful if you take my advice and read them all in a binge. All the books up until now have been awesome and this one [book nine] is no different. Often by the time a series has been developed this far, there is some loss of tension, excitement and/or loss of oomph. This does NOT happen in this series. Each trilogy and each couple is different in both attitude and life experiences and has their own journey...

Grab the books, hide away and start reading - you'll love the story, the characters and they way they evolve is wonderful to behold. Highly recommended.

MyOhMy, Amazon reviewer