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In September, a fellow author suggested that I create my own Omegaverse story. I hadn’t ever thought of writing one before and I didn’t think I could really do it justice – but she encouraged me, saying that I could really play with the ideas and the ‘rules’ to create a world unique to me and the story I wanted to tell. As soon as I truly considered it, the ideas exploded!

I already had an idea for a dark Fantasy Romance that I hadn’t properly plotted out yet, and when I combined it with an Omegaverse concept, my muse went wild LOL. I couldn’t stop planning and plotting, and eventually, it took over! The result is a brand new dark romance series featuring an Alpha warrior and an Omega spy.

The story is a little unusual because it is based in an Epic Fantasy world and is an Omegaverse, which is usually set in modern or sci-fi settings. So maybe I haven’t done the whole Omegaverse idea justice at all LOL, but anyone who enjoys a dark romance and a fantastical story should enjoy this one 🙂

What is an Omegaverse?

An Omegaverse (also known as a knottingverse or A/B/O verses) is an alternate universe that was created by writers of fan fiction. In this universe, people have defined biological roles or ‘dynamics’; Alpha, Beta and Omega–each have different characteristics and physical attributes, but Alphas are always dominant and Omegas are always submissive. Most Omegaverse stories are M/M and focus on the relationship between Alpha males and Omega males, highlighting issues of dominance and control. Omega males can usually get pregnant (called male-pregnancy or m-preg), and this can spark many different types of relationships and interactions among characters. Each author’s Omegaverse will be slightly different and feature different elements of the known omegaverse tropes.

Known tropes include:

  • Dominant/submissive relationship between Alpha and Omega
  • Omega’s reluctance to accept their place in the hierarchy as being ‘weak’
  • Omega’s feeling trapped by the status of their dynamic
  • Alphas coming to terms with how to treat their Omega for the relationship they want
  • Knotting (see below)
  • Pregnancy
  • Bonding (relationship bonding with bites, like werewolves)
  • Heat cycles and mating

Myth of Omega (My Omegaverse)

My Omegaverse centers around Alpha males and Omega females (M/F), and typically focuses on the same issues of dominance and control.

Alphas: Alphas are usually always males and are large and muscular. They tend to be aggressive and dominant, eager to get their own way, although they each have their own personalities. They are most attracted to Omegas and cannot resist an Omega in her Haze (heat). When an Omega is in this state, her scent will cause the Alpha to go into a rut (a desperate urge to breed the Omega) and they’ll do anything to mate with the Omega. In my verse, Alphas can only knot Omegas. Knotting is when the base of the Alpha penis swells when they orgasm and locks them securely with the Omega’s vagina so sperm doesn’t escape. This increases the chances of pregnancy, which is the ultimate goal for most Alphas.

Betas: Betas are men and women who are typically like humans. In my verse, they can breed with both Alphas and Omegas but cannot knot or go into any of the breeding states that Alphas and Omegas can. They are the most populous dynamic of the Lands.

Omegas: Omegas are smaller and feminine. They tend to be submissive and caring, although they each have their own personalities. They are extremely affected by Alpha pheromones and are attracted to their dominance. In my verse, Omegas are usually always females and go into a Haze (heat), which changes their physiology and makes them delirious with urge the mate and breed. Most Alphas will feel the need to protect an Omega in her Haze, although some will take advantage.

Features of my series

The Myth of Omega isn’t for everyone. If you like dark romance and enjoy fantasy settings with magic and kingdoms, you’ll probably enjoy this series. It includes:

  • Dark, captive type of relationships
  • Dub-con and complicated relationships
  • Dominant male, reluctant submissive female
  • Anti-hero Alpha who is ruthless and dominant
  • Explicit violence, language, and sexual scenes.

You have been warned! So without further ado…

I’m introducing the first book of the Myth of Omega series:


Release date: Jan 15th, 2018

Cover Reveal: Dec 8th, 2017

He conquered an Empire and now… she’s next.

Alpha warrior, Drocco, has led his relentless army of Alphas to impressive victories on his way to becoming Emperor. Now he is finally able to focus on the mystery that has deprived him and his men of the pleasures of Omegas. He enlists the services of bold historian, Cailyn, to discover how and why Omegas have been going missing over the past century, yet the more he spends time with her, the more she stirs him in a way no other has. He longs to dominate every flare of defiance that slips out of her and begins to wonder if maybe she might be worth keeping hold of, even when he finds the Omegas.

Accomplished spy, Cailyn, always knew Emperor Drocco was a ruthless savage, but she wasn’t prepared for his perceptive intelligence, his rugged looks, or the strength of his raw Alpha dominance. Knowing her life would be over if he ever discovered she was an Omega, she plans to conclude her mission as a historian as soon as possible. But when she underestimates him, she is caught between her own instincts and the need to preserve her freedom.

Crave to Conquer is the first book in the Myth of Omega series, a dark, erotic, Omegaverse romance series. For fans of dominant Alpha anti-heroes, sassy Omega heroines, epic fantasy worlds and captive romances.

About the end: This book is the first of a three-part story and ends on a cliffhanger.

Crave to Conquer is an explicit reading experience from sexual scenes to violence and language. Includes disturbing situations and romance of a dark nature—caution advised. Suitable for readers aged 18+.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, look out for a blog post when the cover is revealed (bloggers sign up here to get involved).

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