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Anyone for Centaur Smut? Read for free!

By Writing 56 Comments
So, um... I never thought I'd be writing an erotic centaur tale this year... or ANY year! But when you have readers who like their sexual pairings a little different from the norm, and author friends who basically drop you right in it, who knows what could happen! This is the post in my facebook group, Dark Halos, that started it all *side-eyeing Linda*: One of my favorite authors, Nora Ash, and I both ended up with a challenge to…
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A moment to be thankful

By Writing 8 Comments
This time last year I was preparing for the release of Crave To Conquer, and hoping it would sell at least one copy other than the preorders of a couple of friends lol. 2018 marked the birth of the series, and it's impossible to plan ahead without looking back and appreciating the whirlwind that came about because of its creation and existence. That whirlwind manifested a lot of things, some incredible and some ugly, but one thing is for sure,…
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Myth of Omega – New Couple! (Cover Reveal for Reign To Ruin)

By News, Writing 6 Comments
When Crave To Conquer released, I received a lot of questions about whether more couples were going to be released in this world. And my answer was always; I have ideas for at least two more couples, but it depends on if people like the first couple. Well, as it happens, people did like the first couple! :D So now I'm introducing the next couple in the series: Malloron and Amara Malloron features heavily in Drocco and Cailyn's story and…
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Meet My Omegaverse: Myth of Omega

By Writing 4 Comments
In September, a fellow author suggested that I create my own Omegaverse story. I hadn't ever thought of writing one before and I didn't think I could really do it justice - but she encouraged me, saying that I could really play with the ideas and the 'rules' to create a world unique to me and the story I wanted to tell. As soon as I truly considered it, the ideas exploded! I already had an idea for a dark…
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The End of the Power Mini-series

By News, Writing No Comments
And so it has come to an end. The final book in Cam and Thea's story has been written and is about to be released. As the first couple, I've ever written, I do feel a special affinity for these two. So I'm gonna chronicle my favorite things about them - stick around and indulge me :) Cam and Thea's three books Claimed By Power, Ruined By Power and Awakened By Power (what I call the Power mini-series) totals 177,000…
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Progress update – Ruined By Power

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So, it's a few weeks before the release of my next book, Ruined By Power, (two and a half weeks to┬ábe exact) and I thought I'd share an update about the how the book is going. It's finished (so that's a big plus!), and it's currently with my editor. It's longer than the previous book weighing in at around 70K words, so it's full-length. A lot more happens in this book than the┬áprevious one because there were still some unanswered…
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