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Hello World!

By February 14, 2017November 16th, 2018Writing

I think it’s fitting for the first post on my blog to be published on Valentine’s Day! Yay! Hello, world!

I’m a new indie author, hoping to contribute to the paranormal romance genre with stories about all-consuming passionate love between opinionated and troubled couples. I love possessive alphas, clever heroines, and unique paranormal worlds. My current work is the Empire of Angels series that begins with the story of a warrior angel, Cam, finding and trying to keep his natural mate, Thea.


A perfect Valentines evening for them would include:

  • Flying high above Thea’s home city, Thea in Cam’s arms
  • Demon-watching on the roof a tall building
  • Training with each other at the gym
  • A surprise gift from Cam
  • Dinner in bed
  • Hot passionate love-making at every place they visit

However, this couple never seems to have time to do any of that! You can check out the first book of their series here.


Happy Valentines!


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