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Thanks Beta Readers!

By March 4, 2017November 16th, 2018Writing

So, I’m preparing to send my manuscript of Claimed By Power to my editor, and I gave my beta reader’s a deadline so that I could work on the manuscript in relation to their feedback before sending it off.

I managed to find GREAT beta readers who all gave me some good feedback and lots to think about in relation to the structure and impact of the book, and characters. They weren’t shy about telling me things that didn’t make sense or resonate well with them as well as being clear about what worked and what they liked.
It’s so nice to be able to step back from the story and see it from another perspective or to have someone point out something that was niggling you but you didn’t recognize it. As well as highlight things you would have never seen!

I incorporated the feedback, which was more difficult than I thought, and although the story has changed somewhat, I think it’s a stronger more engaging story. So many, many thanks, Betas!

I’m sending it off to my editor tomorrow.

The next stop, ARC readers… eek!

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