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Is Claimed By Power for you? [Easy Quiz]

By March 22, 2017November 16th, 2018Writing

I realized when I planned the Empire of Angel series that I was going against the general norm in adult Paranormal Romance by writing the story of Cam and Thea over three books. Normally, the trend I’ve seen is for a couple’s story to end in one book and then the next in the series will cover a different couple. Sometimes the previous couple/s will be present later in the series, but won’t be viewpoint characters. I decided not to do that because 1. my books are on the short side but would be too long as one story 2. there was a lot to Cam and Thea’s tale that I couldn’t fit into one book and 3. I felt there was enough to keep you interested in them and their challenges.

So I split it up so I could delve deeper into the characters and the world. The good thing is, the way it worked out with Book One means you’re not forced to continue onto the next book unless you wanted to. There’s no cliffhanger. So I feel like that’s a good compromise, right?

If you haven’t checked out the first book in the series, Claimed By Power, and you’re wondering whether it’s something you’ll enjoy, here’s a quiz for you.

How would you answer the following questions? (Yes or No)

  1. Do you enjoy reading adult angel Paranormal Romance?
  2. Do you like the cover for the book? See it here.
  3. Do you like stories that explore characters having one mate (soulmate, wolf mate etc)?
  4. Do you like alpha heroes that care for, protect and respect their woman?
  5. Do you like female heroines that can protect themselves, are independent and don’t take shit from anyone, especially their mate?
  6. Do you enjoy hot, steamy sex scenes that fit into the story and advance the plot?
  7. Do you like reading novellas?
  8. Do you avoid cliffhangers?
  9. Does cheating in books anger you?
  10. Do you prefer for the couple to be happily together at the end?


Your results

1 – 2 Yeses

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Claimed By Power will satisfy what you like in a story. Ahem… This is awkward.

3 – 5 Yeses

Hmm… tricky. If your yeses included questions 4, 5 and 6, you might enjoy the book, if not, see above.

6 – 8 Yeses

Claimed By Power might hit a lot of good feels for you, but you might finish the book feeling that you would have preferred things to have gone differently.

9 – 10 Yeses

This book is definitely for you! What are you waiting for!? Get your copy.

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