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The End of the Power Mini-series

By August 1, 2017November 16th, 2018News, Writing

And so it has come to an end.

The final book in Cam and Thea’s story has been written and is about to be released. As the first couple, I’ve ever written, I do feel a special affinity for these two. So I’m gonna chronicle my favorite things about them – stick around and indulge me 🙂

Cam and Thea’s three books Claimed By Power, Ruined By Power and Awakened By Power (what I call the Power mini-series) totals 177,000 words and tells a tale about the love between a fiery, distrustful half-angel and a stern, dominant warrior angel. It was so much fun to write this couple and I know I will miss them 🙁

The Couple

I absolutely loved being in Cam and Thea’s heads, setting up their relationship, and all the trials they went through.

To me, Cam is easy to love; this warrior angel who is an alpha through and through had to come to terms with his deep attraction to his mate and once he does, nothing could break his devotion to her. Although he wants to protect her, look after her and shield her from the things that would hurt her, he’s also attracted to her independence and fiery nature. He respects who she is and does everything he can to preserve and protect that throughout their story.

Thea is also easy to love and understand. With a tricky upbringing, she finds it difficult to trust anyone but clearly wants to let Cam love her. She is a victim of a lot of unpleasant discoveries during the story but she doesn’t default to a victim mentality – she’s strong and clever and willing to fight to find solutions to the circumstances she finds herself in, something she learned from her upbringing. As she grows and develops throughout the story, she becomes a warrior and Nephilim more than worthy of Cam.

The World

The world of the books is like a character unto itself: orders, classes, Realms, portals, the Stream, angelic energy… There was a lot to take in around the relationship but if you can keep up with all of that, you’ll be rewarded with the full richness of the story. Since the world they live in shapes their relationship, outside influences impact their relationship in unexpected ways.

One thing that I did have to decide when writing these series, was if I was going to make the angels have the potential to be ‘baddies’. How could I successfully write about angels and demons, and have ‘bad’ angels? Doesn’t that mean they’d be ‘good’ demons? What would be the point in telling a story about angels and demons if they could both be good and bad? In the end, I decided to go with shades of gray within limited boundaries. The angels in this story have their flaws; they tend to be bound by rules and are inflexible when confronted with something different. That’s when they can fuck up. On top of that, the ones that have existed for a long time have emotions and can act, react and mess up just like humans. It’s their connection to the Stream that’s supposed to keep them balanced and help them avoid any serious behavioral problems.

My Favorites


Favorite Teaser:


Favorite Quote:

I love all of the quotes used on the teasers so trying to pinpoint a single favorite quote is tricky, however, there was one that didn’t make it onto a teaser that I LOVE:

“I love everything about you,” Cam said, in a dangerous voice of his own. “I love the way you laugh, I love the way you taste, I love the way you demand my cock in your pussy.”
Thea suddenly looked apprehensive.
“I love the way you come, I love your smell, I love the way you chew your lip when you’re thinking. And most of all,” he said slowly, slightly leaning toward her, “I love that you’re mine.” [Awakened By Power]


Favorite scene/chapter across the three books:

The Epilogue, of course! [Awakened By Power]


Favorite secondary character:

Commander Zakiel. He’s the strong, silent type who knows how to handle his shit. And he’s the only one that can get away with telling Cam when he’s being a dickhead!


Favorite sexy scene across the three books:

Ooh this is hard! (No pun intended!) If I go by the one I loved writing the most, it’s when Thea tries to zone out during sex and Cam doesn’t let her 😉 [Ruined By Power]


The other books in the Empire of Angels series will look at different relationship dynamics, different beings, and explore different aspects of the Empire of Angels world. The only constant is that all the heroes are alphas :p and the twist and turns will keep coming.

The next story focuses on the next couple, who have different personalities and a different circumstance. I won’t spoil it by telling you who encase you’re reading along with the releases. If you haven’t yet checked out this series, what are you waiting for?!

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