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Crave To Conquer is LIVE

By January 20, 2018November 21st, 2018Excerpts, News

Yessss! The first book in my dark fantasy romance series, Crave To Conquer, is LIVE!

Well, it was live from the 15th but I didn’t get my ass in gear to get this post sorted in time! *roll eyes at self*

Crave To Conquer is the first book in a brand new, dark fantasy romance series that follows the story of Alpha Emperor Drocco and Omega spy Cailyn. It’s for those that love possessive, dominant anti-heroes and sassy smart-mouth heroines.


However, this book is not for everyone. There are some dark romance aspects such as captivity and dubious consent, as well as sexual torture. Also, it ends on a cliffhanger. I know, I’m so mean! :p

Reviews for Crave To Conquer


“This was a fascinating fantasy world…dark, raw, and wrenching – A sensational new Omegaverse!
SBee Reviews

“This was an incredibly unique, dark, epic fantasy romance – and I loved it!”
Goodreads Reviewer, Carol27

“Crave to Conquer is escapism reading at it’s finest! I was blown away by how good this book was”
Amazon Reviewer, Samantha K

“This is such a sexy, surprising, dark, and driving book, and am rather breathless from the ending. I am not actually traditionally a dark romance or an Omegaverse person, but both aspects are handled so well in “Crave to Conquer” that I couldn’t put it down.”
Amazon Reviewer, Emily Noel



He headed back down to the population room, and as he crossed the floor he froze at the sight that greeted him. Cailyn stood laughing and talking to a clerk just outside the room—a Beta male clerk who stood too close to her and looked at her in a way that suggested he was very familiar with her.

A rush of darkness embraced Drocco, and he was moving toward them before he could even register it.

As he neared, Cailyn’s brown eyes widened, the smile dropping from her face, while the Beta shrank back.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Drocco bellowed. “Is this your job? Standing around socializing like you haven’t a thought in your head?” His voice rose to almost a roar and seemed to bound off every surface in the quiet building.

Cailyn opened her mouth but nothing came out.

He turned to advance on the Beta, his body moving almost without control. “Run” was all the warning he could get out.

As the Beta escaped, Cailyn found her voice. Although it shook, it stopped him in his tracks. “I finished looking at the population data. I was waiting for you to—”

“Do not test me, Cailyn Lefroy,” Drocco said in a hoarse, low voice, stalking toward her. “I leave you for five minutes and you’re talking in a very friendly manner to a member of staff who is no doubt still loyal to the King of Ashens.”

Cailyn backed away into the room, her eyes fiery as she looked up at him. “You have been gone close to two hours, Emperor.”

“That does not explain your behavior!” Drocco barked, forcing her back until she reached the wall. “When we are out of the Palace, I expect you to behave as though you are—”

He bit off the word about to come out of his mouth, a sudden shock dampening his rage.


No. That’s not what he had intended to say… was it?

He floundered, searching for words. “…capable of common sense,” he finished. “If you cannot do that, you are inappropriately skilled to do anything on this investigation that is of use to me.”

Cailyn was silent for a long moment. “I would like to resign my post, Emperor.”

Drocco’s jaw slacked. “What?”

“I don’t think I’m right for your investigation. I think you could find a more suitable historian for your needs.”

Drocco laughed, low and hard. “Do you think you are still in Vamore?” He planted his wide hands on either side of her head and leaned down. “Or Neka, or Grence? Do you think you’re even in Ashens? You are in the Lox Empire, kitten. And your employment doesn’t end until I fucking end it.”

Cailyn stared at him steadily, her eyes hard, no fear or shock present, and something fierce bloomed in Drocco’s chest. He glanced at her perfect mouth, a raw desperation rising to take it—fuck waiting.

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  • Chrissy T says:

    This was a great read. I have a feeling it will be my best series this year. I can’t wait for Crave to Capture. March is just too far…

    • Zoey Ellis says:

      Hi Chrissy, thank you so much! The year has only just started so I’m very pleased you think so lol 😀 Make sure you join my reader’s group for the bonus chapter – they’ll get excerpts first too. The sign-up is in the back of the book. Thanks for commenting!

  • Sara says:

    I am very reluctant to start a book that ends on a cliffhanger. So I was wondering if book two will be the last or if there will be a third. Because I will buy the book if book twins the last. Thanks.

    • Zoey Ellis says:

      Hi Sara, I completely understand. I’m afraid this first couple has three books for their story. Book 2 will be released in March and then book 3, the final book for this couple, will be released in May. I know some readers have said that they will wait until May before starting the series. They have wills of steel, as far as I’m concerned! Sorry for the wait, but thanks so much for visiting to ask. I really appreciate your interest. 🙂

  • MC says:

    Zoey cannot wait to read but I also will wait for all to be published. I cannot wait! But thanks for publishing them so close together.

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