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Progress Update – Crave To Capture

By February 28, 2018November 21st, 2018Excerpts, Progress Updates

Gah! It’s finished! *big sigh of relief*

I honestly thought this book was going to be the death of me at some points! I started writing this one in November for NaNoWriMo but then had to stop to get Conquer ready for release, and there were the hols and other distractions. This gap meant that new ideas developed that I had to factor in when I went back to it, so the last three weeks have been a mad rush of writing around my day job like a crazed woman to get in everything I wanted to. But it’s done! Phew!

Capture weighs in a little longer that Conquer and a lot more happens as we explore the conflict between characters. We meet King Malloron in the flesh as well as a number of other characters who bring their own uniqueness to the story. Cailyn and Drocco… well, they are set to clash, of course, but we discover more about them as the story progresses.

This book is a Fantasy Romance and so, as with any Fantasy, we do delve a little more into the world in this installment.  Of course, there is a cliffhanger, (cause you know I love ’em) but you can rest assured that there’s only one more book left for this couple where all their relationship woes will come to a conclusion.

It’s always tricky writing book 2 in a series because it can be really easy to get influenced by feedback/reviews and then end up veering in a direction you never intended to go. But I still do feel like I’m telling the story I wanted to tell, so things are on track for me at least.

So things to be done between now and release:

  • Rounds of editing between me and my amazing editor.
  • The Eastern Lands Map – I actually had this done and finished for Conquer (Book 1), and then realized it looks absolutely shit in black and white! So I either have to change the coloring of the color version or create a black and white version.
  • Hate-Fuck Bonus scene – with all the adjusting and shuffling of the plot, I’m left with a scene that no longer fits. So I guess I’ll have to force it on my Halos… poor them LOL!
  • The first chapter of Book 3 – erm… kinda not written yet, though I know what happens so it shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Create Paperback and have it ready for release day.
  • Launch Facebook Group
  • Prepare Book 3 for Pre-order

So much to do! But I’ll love most it from this point on. 😀

Crave To Capture goes to advanced readers on March 13th, and then is released on March 20th and I’m excited! I’ll be blogging and posting about it during release week, so if you don’t mind the shameless promotion, follow me on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter and help spread the word.

If you’ve read Crave To Conquer but haven’t yet picked up Crave To Capture, it’s currently on pre-order so don’t forget to pick it up!

I’ll leave you with a little excerpt of one of my favorite scenes. Hope you enjoy, and fingers crossed the 20th rolls around quick!


“We will talk privately,” Malloron said, gesturing to Drocco’s warriors and Torin.

Drocco’s chest squeezed. This man needed to fucking die. “No, we will not. Unless you have decided to return my Omega to me, there is nothing for us to talk about.”

Malloron leaned forward, his face contorted in anger. “There is plenty for us to talk about. You will not even consider that maybe there could be something you could learn from our discussion?”

“Did you give me a faulty spell in order to disarm me and steal my Omega?” Drocco thundered. “That is an attack! A declaration of war. If you wanted to speak about something, you should have done so before you committed those heinous acts.”

Malloron’s mouth tightened. He leaned back in his chair and glanced at Torin and his guards. “The things I need to discuss with you are private. It is between you and your Omega. If you will not speak to me privately because you hate me, at least do so out of courtesy for what you may learn about her.”

Fury steamed through Drocco. What the fuck did Malloron think he knew about Cailyn that Drocco didn’t? But before he could say anything, Torin grabbed his arm and leaned in. “Take the offer,” he said. “Kill him when you are able to get close enough.”

Without waiting for Drocco to respond, Torin nodded at the guards and headed back to the door. Malloron watched them go, a smug grin on his face.

For a moment there was a silence. Then Malloron reached over to the table next to him to pour his drink.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asked, conversationally.

“Stop fucking around,” Drocco snapped, his voice low and gravelly. “Say what you have to say.”

Malloron took a sip of his drink, his eyes sparkling. He seemed to think he had something over Drocco, but let’s see how smug he will be when Drocco’s axe was firmly lodged between his eyes.

“Your Omega is indeed charming,” Malloron began. “She’s very intelligent and keen to learn. She seems fascinated by language and—”

“I’m not here to get a report on my Omega,” Drocco growled, battling the intense anger and jealousy ripping him apart. Every instinct urged him to kill the threat before him. “I’m not sure why you feel that you know her better than I do, but it makes no difference. She belongs to me. She is mine, and you committed a grave offense by taking her, especially through a trick of the Talent. Say what you have to say so I can fucking kill you!”

Malloron’s eyebrows lifted. “All right. Your Omega has agreed to become my queen.”


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