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It’s time to meet King Malloron: Reign To Ruin is coming! [Excerpt]

By July 13, 2018November 21st, 2018Excerpts, Progress Updates

Whoa! This came round so quickly. I have no idea how it’s suddenly July! I started writing this post last week and then suddenly, it’s less than a week before release… :/

So anyway, I thought I better do a quick update post and excerpt of Reign To Ruin since the release date is nearly here and I have so much planned! It’s been a wild set of weeks as I’ve tried to get everything prepared, but I’ve looooved it and I reckon release week gonna be a lot of fun!

So here we go with King Malloron!

It’s been an exciting journey delving deeper into the Western Lands and its structure. It was a bit hard to get out of Drocco and Cailyn’s mindsets for a while, but once the scenes began to flow, it was exciting writing both Malloron and Amara. Their relationship is so different, and they have such a fiery tension that I really enjoyed. I’ll say upfront – this aint gonna be the book for anyone who’s not into angst! Malloron is so egotistical and incredibly manipulative, and Amara has turned out to be much more of a firecracker than I anticipated. I love their explosive dynamic and will soooo enjoy writing the rest of the rollercoasters they’ll go through over their books.

Things to know:

  1. This is not Crave! The Reign books take us to a different continent within the Myth of Omega world where the people are different and magic is used frequently. The presence of magic changes some of the elements of things established in the Crave books, so expect surprises! As you might suspect by now, some secrets will be revealed slowly as the book, and series, continues.
  2. This is not BDSM. I had to do some research on certain types of furniture while researching for this book, and there is some “sex while being tied up” but I wouldn’t say this is a BDSM story.
  3. There will be three books for Malloron and Amara.
  4. There is no need to have read the Crave books to enjoy this one, so anyone can jump in.
  5. This story is set in a dark fantasy world but is ultimately a romance.
  6. I’m doing another map! Yay! (Yes, I’m nerd LOL) I’m HOPING it will be ready by release, but I’ll be posting on here too.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered, I really hope you enjoy it.

So, since you’re already here, how about an excerpt? 😀


He lifted both hands to gesture around the room. “Pick one.”

Amara frowned. “Pick one what?”

“Pick a bench.”

Amara glanced around the room. There were no benches. What was he talking about?

A low chuckle came from the Alpha. He pointed to a couple of the sculptures. “These are benches. What did you think they were?”

Amara’s confusion heightened. The sculptures he referred to were all different shapes and sizes. All of them were black, but they were not benches that anyone could sit on. “I do not see how they are benches, Your Majesty,” she said. “They look like sculptures.”

Malloron’s eyes sparkled. “Then I will show you how they work. Tell me which one looks interesting to you.”

Amara looked over the sculptures again, noticing that some of them had loops, and hooks, and buckles. She edged toward one that looked like a log sitting on three legs. The top of the log was curved, and padded with black leather. Extending from the back, a thick bar curved upward and split into two handles, both of which had buckles at the end of them.

“Good choice,” the king said, suddenly behind her. He wound an arm around her waist and lifted her onto the structure.

“Wait,” she said alarmed. “I haven’t chosen yet. Wait!”

He placed her over the rounded top, so that her stomach rested on it and she was bent over. Leaning his entire body over her, he brought her arms to the buckles and strapped them around her wrists until they were secure, stretching her body over the log. She struggled to get away from him, but it was almost as though it didn’t make any difference. He simply moved and shifted her to where he needed her to be.

“Let go of me!” she yelled. “Get me out of here. I did not agree to this!”

The Alpha suddenly moved away from her, and the lack of heat made her shiver. She turned her head, trying to see where he was, but he moved too far away. She struggled against the buckles that held her, kicking her feet as she tried to reach the floor and gain some kind of leverage to pull against them, but they were tightened fast and her feet were too high off the ground. After a long moment of struggling she felt the Alpha behind her again.

“Get me out of here,” she demanded, snapping her head to one side to try and look at him.

His hands began at her ankles, clasping them both before running them up her calves. Amara tried not to let the feel of him affect her, but she found herself relaxing at his touch. His hands rose to the back of her thighs, squeezing the fleshy areas before clawing up to her buttocks and squeezing. Then she felt his thumbs on either side of her pussy, and he spread her wide.

She wriggled and cried out in protest but he gripped her tighter until she stilled.

He held her like that for a long moment. “So this is Omega,” he murmured, almost to himself.

For all the release week excitement, make sure you’re part of my reader’s group, Dark Halos via email or Facebook and don’t forget to preorder your copy!


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