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By August 27, 2018November 16th, 2018News

I’ve been trying to avoid setting up an Advanced Review Copy Team because I think it’s nicer if everyone has the option to jump in and review if they want to for the release of each book. But I have a number of projects coming up and my schedule is turning a bit crazy, and the way I’m currently organizing ARCs takes too much time. So it doesn’t seem to make sense–especially when I’ve been a bit scatterbrain with the last two! So…

I’m setting up a review crew!

I’m looking for a small team of dedicated readers who love reading and reviewing who will be able to read an advanced copy of a new book about a week before release and provide an honest and unbiased review on release day on retailer sites. All ARCs for my books will be mostly limited to this team.

If you’re interested, check out the sign-up page, and if there’s someone you know who hasn’t yet taken the plunge to try my books, encourage them to check it out too! 😀


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