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Torin and Toya’s novella CREDENCE! [Excerpt]

By November 16, 2018January 12th, 2019Excerpts, News, Progress Updates

Let’s shout it together… FINALLY!! lol

I have been promising this since before Crave To Claim released, but I wasn’t able to get it finished in time and then kept pushing it back. So I’m glad it’s now ready to share with you.

This novella is called Credence and tells the story of Beta Commander Torin, Drocco’s second-in-command and best friend, and Omega Victoya, who is an ex-spy and Cailyn’s childhood friend. I’ve had sooo many questions about this couple’s story so I hope their novella will do them justice. I feel like they could be the cutest couple I’ve written so far, but you can tell me what you think…  Their story truly completes the Crave books, in my opinion, because this couple was unfinished bizniz! As they are a Beta/Omega couple, some things will be different to the main series books, but there will always be some things that are the same with my stories… 😉

Credence was always planned to be a bonus to accompany the main series so it’s only available for those who have joined my Dark Halos reader’s group by email and let me hassle them every now and then 🙂 It’ll be sent out this weekend so if you haven’t yet joined, sign up now! This book is my THANK YOU to those of you who have been following and supporting the series as it has grown. Without you all, it probably would have stopped at book 3, but I’m looooving the world and the couples the more I write, so it’s been a win for everyone.

The title Credence came from the many great suggestions posted in my Dark Halos Facebook group, thanks to everyone who took part and to Kelsey for coming up with that suggestion! I thought it was the most appropriate one, but there were some great titles in that thread and I’ve stolen loads of them for future books lol

PLEASE NOTE: Torin and Toya’s story actually first starts near the end of Crave To Capture (Book 2, Myth of Omega), so I would recommend reading the three Crave books first to get an understanding of the world and the couple. This book begins at the Alpha and Omega event that happens in chapter 14 of Crave To Claim (book 3, Myth of Omega) and assumes readers understand the context, then continues on from there.


“Release her, Roclan.”

The Alpha froze, a frown forming on his face, before turning.

Commander Torin stood at his shoulder, his face like stone as he watched both of them. Victoya blinked at him, surprised, as the Alpha stepped back slightly.

“Commander,” Roclan began, seeming somewhat confused. “I am partaking in this—”

“I know, but she is not,” the commander said, stern and sharp.

Roclan glanced at her, his confusion deepening. “But she is an Omega, and a very pretty one. I wish to—”

“She is the Empress’ assistant,” Torin almost snapped, his voice gritty, “and not part of this event. Release her now.”

Roclan stepped back further, dipping his head to Torin. “I will seek another, Commander.”

Torin dipped his head in return and Victoya watched the Alpha as he strode away, her breath releasing in a gust of relief. She turned to Commander Torin. “Thank you—”

Torin swept in front of her so fast, she almost yelped in shock. He caged her in, his hands on the wall as he leaned over her, his gray eyes pinned her to the wall. “I thought you weren’t looking for an Alpha?” The storm in his eyes was almost mesmerizing.

“I-I-I’m not. I was trying to tell him—”

“It didn’t look like you were saying anything to me.” The growl in his voice took Victoya by surprise. She stared at him, her eyes wide and her eyebrows inching up higher as she noticed his tense stance. She hadn’t ever seen him like this before—he was always calm, level-headed, and reasonable. Clearly, he was still annoyed with her answer earlier.

“I was trying,” she said, as firmly as she could without stuttering like an idiot.

“You need to do more than try,” the commander said sternly. “These are Alphas. They will take what they want when they see it.”

Victoya’s eyes flicked over his shoulder at the proceedings behind him. “But I thought they’ve been prepared for this event…”

“They have learned to cull their urgent instincts so that they don’t hurt an Omega,” he said. “But they will still assert their will over what they want.”

Victoya swallowed and then returned her eyes to his. “Thank you for the warning, Commander, and for assisting me.”

The storm in his gaze softened.“I will escort you for the rest of the event.”

Victoya frowned. That meant he would be questioning her for the whole afternoon. “That is not necessary.”

“It is,” he said bluntly. “Do you think Roclan will be the only one? He won’t.”

Stubbornness and determination rose in her stomach. He didn’t understand—no Alpha would want her, not truly. “I assure you, there will be no need to spend your time escorting me, Commander,” she said firmly. “I am quite safe.”

As she ducked under his arm, he actually growled, and a rush of his scent embraced her. She slowed as she breathed it in, marveling at how different it was the Alpha scent that dominated the room. While the Alphas had a heady, almost acrid, scent, Commander Torin’s was more balanced; deep and mellow.

Victoya pushed forward, heading away from him, even though the urge to turn back to him was strong. She wove through the couples talking in the space, trying to take as much in as possible and watching for any lone Alphas who might be heading her way. She suspected Commander Torin was watching her—she could almost feel his eyes on her back but forced herself not to turn and see if she was right. She had to try and ignore him. She didn’t know if he intended to pursue finding out what she had been doing in the palace, but eventually, he would have to give up.


So what’s next?

Well, Reign To Rule will be here soon and then I have to do some planning and figure out which books come next. We have one more couple in the Myth of Omega series who need their story told, (more on that soon!) but Zak from my Empire of Angels series is still waiting for his woman too and he’s getting impatient! I’m also MEGA excited about a brand new series I’ve had on hold since before MofO that’s been slowly evolving into something pretty dark and unusual, and it’s whispering that it needs its time soon too. So I need to figure all that out for 2019!

Of course, if you’re a Halo, you’ll hear about everything first but if you don’t need any more email coming to your inbox, you can also find out info the following ways:

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Lastly, Malloron and Amara’s story is coming to an end soon 🙁 If you haven’t yet preordered Reign To Rule yet, don’t forget to do so now!

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