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TRILOGY COMPLETE! Reign To Rule release giveaways and Cover Reveal: Own To Obey

By December 8, 2018Excerpts, News

The REIGN Trilogy has come to end 🙁

Reign To Rule, the final book in Malloron and Amara’s story is finally available! This book concludes the relationship between this difficult couple after everything that has happened between them and provides, what I hope is, a satisfying closure on their story and world.

These two have been on a difficult journey, but I have loved every minute of writing their tale and expanding the Myth of Omega world, so I hope you enjoy it!


“Undress,” he ordered as he closed the door.

Amara moved to stand directly in front of him, watching him carefully. “I need to talk to you.”

“There is nothing for us to talk about.”

“Surely you can understand why I didn’t bite you back immediately,” Amara said, ignoring him. “I needed you to explain to me—”

Malloron swept before her, pushing her until her back slammed against the wall. He moved so quickly, Amara barely had time to register what happened before he was towering over her, his eyes dark, his scent causing her slick to gather. “Nothing needed explanation,” he said, his voice a growl. “I bit you and there was only one action for you to take next. Everything else was unimportant.”

“It wasn’t unimportant to me,” Amara said, annoyed that she sounded breathless. “It was never unimportant to me—and you should have known that.”

“It was unimportant,” Malloron bellowed, his voice filling the room, “because it didn’t change anything.” The air sparked with light as magic twisted into existence. “It didn’t change that I am your mate. It didn’t change what was already happening to the children.” The magic swept around her, pulling at her dress. Malloron’s entire body expanded as he roared. “And it didn’t fucking change that I had bitten you!”

Amara stared at him, transfixed by both his contorted face and the wave of fury rolling off him. Something stopped her from responding to him, from trying to explain; she wasn’t sure he would even really hear her if she tried, but the main thing that had her almost paralyzed was the depth of emotion in his eyes. He wasn’t just angry—there was more there, but she couldn’t decipher it, and both the bond and the tenebris vibrated within her so loudly that, in that moment, she couldn’t even tell one from the other.

“So now that you have shown me that you will never truly accept me as your mate, you have no further demands to make. You will be queen and you will have my children, and you will do what you are fucking told.”

Her dress flew from her in shreds again and the magic swirled out into the room.

Amara could barely focus on anything but the dark look in his eyes. She stepped forward, feeling the need to be closer to him. His eyes narrowed, but she kept going until he was almost within arm’s reach. She lifted her hand to touch his face, but immediately the magic in the room snapped back in her direction, coiled around her wrists, binding them together, and yanking them up above her head.

“Malloron,” she gasped. “You are being unfair. Let me explain—”
Malloron turned on his heel and stalked across the living area. The magic pulled her along behind him by her hands, and although she struggled against it, her efforts were pointless. His magic held her firm.

A startling jolt shot through her when she realized he was dragging her into the room with all the benches. There was no doubt he had fucked other women in that room, why was he taking her there? Her nest was only in the next room! A sharp dismay burned through her so brightly that tears sprang to her eyes, but as she tried to find the words to explain to him, she realized that nothing she said would be enough.

He turned to her once they were both in the center of the room and froze as soon as he saw her face. For a moment, his expression seemed to mellow, but then it quickly hardened again.
“Malloron,” she said, trying to stop the sobs. “Just wait. Listen to me.”

He began to unbuckle his pants, the stream of magic swept around Amara’s head, pressing against her eyes and blocking her view. She yelped in surprise at the blindfold, but then magic also entered her mouth, gagging her.

The magic at her wrists, yanked her forward until something firm hit her stomach. More magic swept around her body, lifting her up and positioning her onto what she recognized was the bench that Malloron had first fucked her on. It clearly couldn’t be the same bench, but it was the same shape. Magic secured her wrists to the bars instead of buckles, and her hips fixed to display her ass and pussy, exactly the way that he liked it. He didn’t even touch her. His magic did everything until she was prepared. But even though she was wet, she wasn’t really ready.

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The Myth of Omega series continues!

We have one couple left!

I won’t say much because I’ll post about this couple soon, but the next book in the series is called Own to Obey and it’s out next year. Here is the cover!

It’s so different from the others, right? But then, this couple is very different too! If you’ve read Ravage, you can probably guess who the Alpha is… Get your copy now and don’t miss out on this dark, barbarian, captive romance!



To celebrate the end of the REIGN Trilogy, I’m, once again, running giveaways, but not a general one this time. You can enter the different ones available below.

Dark Halos Giveaway (requires sign up!)

Goodreads paperback giveaways (USA and Canada only, I’m afraid)
Crave To Conquer (closes on Mon, Dec 10th)
Reign To Ruin (closes on Fri, Dec 14th)

Giveaways are running in the Dark Halos Facebook group all week

Some great authors and reader groups are also supporting this release, so you might see me in some of their Facebook groups this week. If you do, say hello!

Either way, I hope you jump in to help me celebrate and spread the word. Subscribe to this blog (on the right) for more alerts on giveaways and release news.

Good Luck! 🙂


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