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Myth of Omega – new Omegaverse couple; the OWN Trilogy

As I’ve said before, I’ve always planned for there to be three couples in the Myth of Omega series, and now that the second couple is wrapped up, we finally get to meet the last hero and heroine.

The hero was first introduced in Reign To Ravage; shinno Kardos, a barbarian Alpha from the Southern Lands looking to make an alliance with King Malloron.

The heroine we don’t meet until Reign To Rule, and she is a servant who no one suspects to be an Omega. She is quiet and unassuming, but clearly loves her sister and tries to protect her by offering herself when her sister is about to be taken by the shinno (you’ll have to read Reign To Rule if you have no idea what I’m talking about!) One things is clear, this heroine is NOT like the other two in the series.

This trilogy takes place in a brand new part of the known Lands that we’ve heard about but is shrouded in mystery: the Southern Lands. These people are almost like a world of their own and it’s been so. much. fun. delving into a new culture!

Things to know:

  1. Assume nothing! The Own books take us to yet another continent within the Myth of Omega world that is completely different to the Crave trilogy and the Reign trilogy. The whole culture and society has its own set of rules and expectations and is organized into tribes. There isn’t a big focus on magic, but potions are relied upon a lot. The society and interactions between the hero and his people are very different from the previous books.
  2. Culture and tradition play a big part in this story because of who the shinno is.
  3. There will be three books for Kardos and Shaya.
  4. There is no need to have read the Crave or Reign books to enjoy this one, so anyone can jump in.
  5. This story is set in a dark fantasy world but, as always, is ultimately a romance.
  6. I’m doing one more map lol I’m gonna miss doing them after this one 🙁


The couple:

Kardos and Shaya, yet again, have a different dynamic to their relationship than the other two couples in the series. So what’s different?

  1. Kardos is aware that Shaya is an Omega at the start of their story
  2. Shaya is a sweet but savvy heroine, not feisty like Amara or sassy like Cailyn.
  3. Shaya is not a spy or trained in magic
  4. Kardos negotiated for the heroine but we don’t yet know what he wants her for.
  5. Shaya (perhaps naively) volunteered to take the place of her sister–she knows she will suffer and struggle.


The release date for Obey is fast approaching (Feb 6th!) and I’ve got some great things planned to celebrate the release of this one, so make sure you stay tuned for how you can get involved and potentially win some goodies! 😀


“And your name is Shaya.”

Her eyes darted up. “It is Katashaya.”

Kardos frowned. “That is not what your sister called you.”

A fleeting expression contorted her face for a moment, but then her head dipped back down before Kardos had the chance to decipher what it was.

“My name is Katashaya,” she said, her voice firm.

“I will call you what your sister called you,” Kardos decided.

The Omega’s mouth tightened slightly. “I will not answer,” she whispered.

Shock bolted through Kardos. “What?”

The Omega said nothing. Her eyes were stuck to a point on the floor.

Kardos lunged forward and grabbed her jaw. “Speak! What did you say?”

The fear in her eyes was mitigated by the tension in her lips. “Only my sister and my friends call me that.”

Kardos battled the anger that grew at her audacity to challenge his decision. This disobedience would have to be trained out of her. “Did King Malloron call you that?”

She blinked. “Yes.”

“Then so will I,” he roared, suddenly furious. He gripped her jaw harder, a rush of something ugly and dark whipping through his body. As far as he was aware, King Malloron hadn’t even known she was an Omega. How is it that he called her a name she considered intimate?

As he examined her face, he remembered he’d seen her treating King Malloron when he was wounded. Maybe she had done more for him than that. He grit his teeth as the ugliness within him expanded and revolved, almost taking over his whole body. “Was King Malloron a friend to you?” he asked, his voice deadly and low. “Did you fuck him?”

The Omega’s eyes widened and she tried to shake her head, but he held her too tightly. “No,” she mumbled through her closed jaw. “He was my King. I served under him.”

Kardos drew her face to his, until her perfect mouth was almost against his lips. “You serve me now,” he growled.


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