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New Release! Candescent: A Myth of Omega Standalone [Excerpt]

By December 21, 2019Excerpts, News

Guess what? I have a new release! 😀

Since my new series has been pushed to 2020, I decided to return to the Myth of Omega world and tell some of the shorter stories waiting to be told. Truth be told, I missed this world so it was great returning to it. I particularly enjoyed writing again in the Lox Empire, as the last time I wrote about characters from that Land was in Crave To Claim, released in May 2018.

This first story, CANDESCENT, centers around an Alpha Lox General called Thorec, and the fiery female trespasser he finds causing havoc in his territory. He throws her over his shoulder to remove her, and becomes intrigued by her. He intends to keep her but Ria isn’t having any of that lol. She has other things to do and this bone-headed, albeit sexy, Alpha is getting in the way. So she sets about escaping his clutches.

Candescent is a standalone tale set in the Myth of Omega world. It’s a shorter tale than the main books, but still has all the same features. Candescent is perfect for those who enjoy short reads, are new to Myth of Omega or just want to jump back into the world this holiday.

Here’s a little excerpt for you.


Finally, the female slumped against him, obviously tired from her efforts. “I’m going to go back in there as soon as I can,” she said, somewhat breathless, from behind him.

Thorec’s growl was low in the back of his throat. “And you think I will allow that?”

“I don’t need your permission!”

“If you want to enter the mountains, you do need my permission. The Lox has controlled these Lands for over two years now. You cannot be so unaware that things have changed.”

The cute girl-growl that came over his shoulder roused an unbidden smile to his lips. “The Lox don’t have the right to discard centuries of culture and tradition!”

Thorec frowned. She spoke as if she hadn’t been in the Eastern Lands for the last two years. Before he could answer, the beautiful, rich scent bloomed around him again, bursting into existence like moonflowers at dusk. He halted abruptly, every inch of him climbing to high alert as it swamped his inhale, accompanied by that strange fogginess in his mind that pressed in on all sides.

Turning his head, Thorec was shocked to discover that it was coming from the female over his shoulder.

A savage need tore through him. He crushed his nose onto her smooth leg and ran his hand up the back of her thigh and under her tunic. Ignoring her whimpers, he grabbed her ass cheek and squeezed, satisfaction gleaming at the way it filled his hand. His hardened cock jerked, and raw, wild cravings thundered through him, urging him to claim what was within his reach.

He pushed his fingers between her legs, forcing them to widen as he explored along the heated, moistening crotch of her panties. Slipping his fingers in, he groaned at the slippery feel of her warm and smooth slit. Her slick aided him as he played along her folds, swirling his digit around her clit, and the soft moan that came from her worked through his body straight to the oozing tip of his cock.

Thorec was yanking her panties down her legs when the scent suddenly faded again, and as the fog lifted from his mind, he forced himself to still.

Although the urge to free her of her clothing and bury his face between her legs still pulsed eagerly, he couldn’t ignore the strangeness of the situation—it went against all his training as a Lox warrior and a general. As his commander frequently said, skilled and formidable warriors do not willingly ignore even the subtlest sign that could signify something fatal.

Thorec doubted anything about this situation was fatal, but this fiercely enticing scent that had suddenly appeared and disappeared twice while in the presence of this woman, could only mean one thing, and yet Thorec struggled to believe it.

He eased the female off his shoulder, sliding her down his body. Her breasts pressed against his chest, and he couldn’t help but let out a gruff exhale as her hard nipples grazed him. The feel of her almost had him discarding all efforts of control, but he had to know. He held her firmly around the waist with one arm and grabbed her thick black hair, gathering it into his fist so she couldn’t turn away from him. As her face came into view, he searched her eyes. “What are you?” He kept his voice low, but it still rumbled from his chest, vibrating between them.

She didn’t respond, but her brown eyes were now reserved.

“Tell me what you are,” he demanded.

Her throat undulated as she swallowed, holding his gaze. “You already know.”

Candescent is already LIVE so pick up your copy!

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The next story is called COMPULSION. It’s also set in the Eastern Lands and focuses on Lox warrior Roclan, who appeared in Torin and Toya’s story, Credence. (If you haven’t read Credence yet, why not? It’s exclusive to those who are on my reader’s list so sign up to get your copy.)

COMPULSION releases on January 16th, so make sure your copy is on pre-order! 😀

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