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Reign To Ruin release Giveaway [And cover reveal for Reign To Ravage]

By July 17, 2018November 21st, 2018News

The week has arrived! Yaaaaaas! The first book in the next trilogy of my dark fantasy romance series, Reign To Ruin, is nearly LIVE!

Reign To Ruin is the first book in a brand new, dark fantasy romance trilogy that follows the story of Alpha King Malloron and Omega spy Amara. It’s for those who love possessive, dominant anti-heroes and sassy smart-mouth heroines.

Reign To Ruin begins the trilogy of a different couple, and so is book 4 in the overall series, but anyone can jump in from this book without having to have read the previous ones. This book is an M/F Omegaverse Romance and includes some dark romance aspects such as captivity and dubious consent, as well as a little bondage. It ends on a cliffhanger BUT the next book isn’t far away! Check out an excerpt.

Reign to Ruin releases on THURSDAY (July 19th) So pick up your copy now!

Reign To Ruin

Reign To Ruin

Series: Myth of Omega, Book 4
Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance
Tags: Omegaverse, Reign

From a brutal, magical world comes a blistering-hot fantasy romance series featuring possessive alphas and the women they will not let go of. Plunge into this “must-read” epic world and prepare for addiction.

Resisting his mind games won’t be easy—he will try to corrupt, dominate, and ruin her.

When the handsome and charming King Malloron captures Amara in his castle, she is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her team.

Known for his depravity and deceptions, the king is the biggest threat to omegas in the known Lands, and Amara must discover his secrets to have a chance to survive.

But when he forces a degrading deal with her, an agreement that allows him to take his pleasure as he chooses, something primal ignites between them she cannot ignore.

Amara works against him, determined to fight the carnal hold he has over her.

But her fiery insults only serve to intrigue him. And the way he dominates her captivates something deep within that she never knew existed.

With each encounter, she begins to unravel and much to her surprise… so does he.

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Cover Reveal

The next book in the series is Reign To Ravage and I thought I might as well share the cover. I’m aiming to try and have the same model on the three covers of this series. It’s worked so far but I’m not sure I can find a third pic that’ll fit… we’ll see!

Reign To Ravage releases in September. At the moment, it’s down for 21st, but I’m currently in discussion with author friends about some exciting plans that might move it a bit. It’s doubtful it will move too much, but if you preorder, you won’t miss out! 😀



I have a giveaway running this week to celebrate Reign To Ruin. It runs until Friday and the winner gets a gift card and ebooks 1 – 3 of the Myth of Omega series! Good luck to all who enter!

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  • KT Barkett says:

    Thank goodness there’s another book in the works! (Write faster. We are hanging on a cliff!)

  • Mandy says:

    Zoey Ellis, this week could not possibly get any better … Reign To Ruin release (which you know I LOVED) and now a giveaway too — YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

  • Ann M Bouvette says:

    Just finished the new book. I’m sad that I have to wait until my birthday to read the next one.

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